Oklahoma City may not be on your list of places-I-must-visit-before-I-die but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a fun weekend getaway to OKC! Stuck in the center of Oklahoma, OKC has a lot to offer. I lived in Oklahoma City for three years and therefore I feel confident on providing you with some great information to help you have a blast and explore the city to its fullest the next time you’re in the area.



I used to live in the Paseo Arts District so of course this place is close to my heart. A strip of colorful buildings on a curvy street, the Paseo is an artistic avenue of museums, restaurants, and bars. The first Friday of every month features a free gallery walk. Music, food, entertainment, and art are to be had on this fun night. My favorite places to visit in the Paseo:

  • Picasso Cafe: A health-conscious restaurant with vegetarian choices. I love the Pesto-Mushroom Pasta!


  • The Other Room: A small bar that is attached to Picasso Cafe. A very cool artsy crowd who like to have a good time and don’t mind talking to strangers!
  • Sauced: Awesome pizza joint with outdoor seating and sometimes live entertainment.
  • The Pump: Newly remodeled gas station turned bar in Paseo. Features two bars, food, corn hole games, ping-pong, and outdoor seating. Super fun people watching on the weekends!


NW 23rd Street

NW 23rd is another one of my fav streets to visit in OKC. It might look a little bit rough on the edges but it’s going through a makeover right now! This shouldn’t deter you because the people and restaurants on this street are fantastic, not to mention, it sports the historic Tower Theater. Here are just a few places you must stop if you find yourself on this street!

  • Cuppies & Joes: Three words, BEST-CUPCAKES-EVER! Cuppies & Joes is the cutest coffee/cupcake shop located in what looks like a cute little house. And like I said, they have the most delectable cupcakes that I have ever tasted (I <3 the Chocolate Rain cupcake). After choosing from a wide range of coffee, tea, juice, cupcakes, cake, and pies, you can curl up on a sofa or chair, pick a book from their mini library, or use their free Wi-Fi and just relax!


  • Big Truck Tacos: Big Truck Tacos is a local favorite and as you can guess, they serve tacos among other Mexican food. My favorite aspect about this place is the atmosphere and the outdoor seating, not to mention, they have a bad-ass variety of sauces and some of them get pretty hot. I also love their breakfast burritos in the morning!
  • Mutt’s Hot Dogs: Mutt’s is owned by the same people who own Big Truck Tacos, and surprisingly I like Mutt’s better than Big Truck. First of all, its gourmet hot dogs. Let me repeat that, gourmet hot dogs. The food is fantastic here, they have a drive-thru, and the building has the vibe of a super cute ’50s-style burger joint.
  • Tucker’s Onion Burgers: In all seriousness, Tucker’s is like the best hamburger joint that I’ve ever been to! The juiciest burger you will ever bite into is made here at Tuckers. They have fantastic shakes, homemade fries, and the onions and jalapenos that can be added to your burger are just to die for. Seriously, heaven in a burger.


Asian District

Yes, it is surprising but Oklahoma City has an awesome Asian District with amazing food. The architecture in this area is very reflective of different Asian cultures and during Chinese New Year you can see festivals and events going on in the area.

  • Super Cao Nguyen: Huge Asian market grocery store.
  • Thai House: Best Thai food in town! I love their Pad Thai! They also have a very diverse and delicious buffet.
  • Pho Lien Hoa: Don’t go anywhere else in OKC for your pho needs! Pho Lien Hoa has the best pho! But be aware that they only take cash.


Classen is a very popular street in Oklahoma City. It runs next to Penn Square Mall and has a lot of eateries on it. Here are just a few of my favorite spots on Classen.

  • Red Cup: Red Cup is my favorite spot in OKC by far. It’s a cool house turned vegetarian restaurant and it is super popular among OKC residents. There’s a huge red cup statue on the roof, outdoor and indoor seating, an array of coffees and drinks, and a killer vegetarian menu. It’s not the food or the coffee that makes me love this place, it’s the environment. Red Cup’s decor consists of art pieces hung on all the walls that feature “red cups.” The tables are old, colorful, and have a variety of chairs. The people who visit Red Cup are inherently friendly and welcoming. To me, this place feels like home, and if you visit it, you will understand why.


  • Classen CurveClassen Curve is an upscale dining and shopping area. I personally have never shopped in this area but Republic Gastropub and Upper Crust are super popular restaurant/bars that you might want to check out.


Western Avenue is also a cool, trendy street in Oklahoma City. From bars, restaurants, and bakeries, there is something for everyone on this avenue.

  • Someplace Else Bakery: My favorite bakery and deli in the city! They serve fresh homemade food in their deli, as well as freshly baked bread, cookies, cakes, and other pastries. Their homemade cinnamon rolls are insanely good! I love their chocolate chip cookies and their lemon bars too! Better yet, I used to stuff my face with their breakfast biscuits in the morning. Egg, cheese, and bacon on a homemade biscuit–yes, please! And they are super cheap. Just go. No arguments. Just go see these folks!
  • Flip’s Wine Bar: Upscale wine bar and Italian restaurant. Killer homemade cannolis!
  • Guestroom Records: A hip record store.
  • Sipango’s Pub: Relaxed, chilled bar on Western. They have pool, music, and well-priced drinks. The crowd is super mixed and chilled. If smoke bothers you a lot, don’t come here.


Bricktown is the premiere entertainment destination of Oklahoma City! As it’s name implies, Bricktown is an area near Downtown OKC that is made up of brick roads and is full of entertainment options. It’s a beautiful area with a lazy river that you and your friends and family can take a ride on with the Bricktown Water Taxi. Here are just a few of my favorite places in Bricktown (though there are a ton more that you should totally check out):

  • Chesapeake Energy Arena: Located right next to Bricktown, this is where the Oklahoma City Thunder plays. There are also multiple concerts and events held here every week and they are usually cheaper than the Dallas area concerts.




Downtown OKC is very close to Bricktown and has its own awesome appeal. I actually like just walking around Downtown OKC. The buildings aren’t very high but you will see some beautifully built buildings like the public library (made of all glass) and a random park here and there, not to mention a beautiful memorial.

  • Myriad Gardens: This place is gorgeous, especially at night. Throughout the year they have concerts, movie nights, art fairs, and other events here.



  • Oklahoma City Bombing MemorialBefore 9/11, there was Oklahoma City. In 1995, 168 people in Oklahoma City were killed in a bomb attack. Oklahoma City built the OKC Bombing Memorial & Museum in memory of them. The memorial includes beautiful sculptures on the area where the bombing occurred as well as a museum that allows you to learn and experience the historic event. I bawled my eyes out on the tour and was overcome with serenity and emotion when looking at the museum. You have to go see this place. It is American history.




The purpose of this blog was to show you how much there is to do in Oklahoma City. There are so many places to check out in this city no matter what age you are! If you ever need some tips, just ask. 😉

Other places of interest: Remington Park (horse races and casino), Hefner Lake, Frontier City, Penn Square Mall, OKC Zoo, The Deep Deuce

Featured Photo by Matthew Rutledge

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