After arriving in a new city and putting my stuff in a hotel or rental place, I head out the door and begin my vacation. It is in that moment that I am hit with this feeling of displacement. My brain and body cannot fathom how I came to be standing in another country, state, or city. My brain knows that I hopped on a plane or drove to the new city. My brain knows that I am actually standing in the new place that I had spent weeks or months planning to stand in. My brain understands these things but it is still left in awe.

How did I really get here?

Traveling is purely magical and air travel is some kind of sorcery. I can go from one country, cross seas and hundreds of miles of land and find myself in a new place with different people, maybe a different language, and interesting customs all within a manner of hours. It’s overwhelming and hard to wrap your head around and the only way I can describe it is magical.

For the last few months I have been preparing to go to Ireland on my first solo trip. Even today, the day that I leave for my trip, it still hasn’t hit me yet that I am about to be in another country, a country I’ve had my eyes set on for years. But I know when I arrive, I’ll go to my hotel, put my things away, and then head to dinner and I will once again be hit with that overwhelming displaced feeling. To be honest, it’s sort of a high.

Since I could read, I’ve always been drawn to adventure novels especially those with female heroines and for the men and women who wrote those young adult or children’s books, I thank you. I am strong and fierce thanks to those books. I discovered the present, past, and future of our world with each new novel and as I read I felt that magical travel feeling that I get today when I travel. I was someplace else, living a life that was unimaginable…until I got to college and got to fully experience the traveling adventures of the novels that I read.

Well, now I’m an adult, almost 25 years old and this trip that I will take today will, I imagine, bring on that same magical travel-displaced feeling. But I think it will bring something else. I will be that heroine in those novels. I will be traversing a new land on my own, an invincible woman. Although I can’t be sure this is how I will feel, I look forward to finding out. And yet…for the past few days I’ve been experiencing a whole new feeling…

In my last blog I wrote that I was excited to go to Ireland because it was a magical place. A friend recently wrote me on Facebook to wish me good luck in Ireland but she also had a response to my blog that has changed my view on what is magical. I used to think that the places I went to were magical and that they brought this magical travel feeling. And in some terms, they are magical places, and they do bring about a magical travel feeling. But my friend made me realize something else. She said, “Ireland is not magical, you are magical.”

The veracity of her words struck me like an arrow. She was right. I felt magical when I set out in a new city for the first time. I was the magic that brought myself to that new place. I was the magic that made the best travel memories and had the most fun experiences. So thank you to my friend for making me see how many portals I can open in this world because I am a magical traveler.

I am powerful and magical; I will live, create, and experience; I will conquer and grow…because I am me.

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