I recently wrote a blog post where I included this meme:

Later, I kept thinking about that meme. The words, “Thanks for pointing that out,” kept popping up in my head. How many times had I thought the same thing in response to someone’s statements?

I discovered that #thanksforpointingthatout could be used for three different kinds of statements:

  • Statements  made in reference to an embarrassing thing that I had done that I wish someone would have ignored.
  • Statements that pointed out parts of my body that I had not previously noticed, and thanks to their need to over share, I was made to feel self-conscious.
  • And obvious statements that required a very sarcastic, “Thanks for pointing that out.”

I can recall each person who said these statements and they all have one thing in common: nobody meant to make me feel bad and nobody meant to make me feel self-conscious or embarrassed. I love most of the people that said these statements (most, not all, haha). It’s just that sometimes people say stupidly honest stuff without thinking, causing you to scream, “Thanks for pointing that out, [ insert insulting name ]!”

So please enjoy these 30 funny things that people have said to me and then please share your #thanksforpointingthatout moments with me in the comments below or on FB or twitter (@alextemblador) so we can laugh together. (Don’t forget the hashtag!!)

#Thanksforpointingthatout Moments of my life:

1. “Wait, you’re Mexican but you can’t speak Spanish?” No, but thanks for pointing that out.

2. “You’re pretty, smart, responsible, ambitious, athletic, and fun. I don’t understand why you’re single.” Now, you have me wondering…

3. When a guy hasn’t called you back and your friend asks in front of a large group, “Did that guy every text you?” No, thanks for pointing that out…in front of everyone.

4. “You want to be a writer? You’ll never make a lot of money.” I’ll show you!

5. “I don’t want to freak you out, but it kind of looks like your overbite is coming back.” The pain of braces for two years for nothing…

6. “You said five states but you only listed four states” in your first published article.  #shootmenow #fail

7. “Well, not saggy like your boobs.” Tell me what you really think. And that’s just how big boobs look!

8. “You’re not adopted? But your mom is white.”  It’s a crazy mystery. #genetics


9. “You always have food on your face.” Some people think that’s cute.

10. “I like your short hair but I really like girls with long hair.” What exactly are you trying to say?

11. “You’re a pretty good basketball player for a girl.” You’re pretty misogynistic, for a guy.

12. “You’re knees go out when you shoot free throws so you kind of look like a frog.” Thanks for pointing that out.

13. “You’re pretty mature for your age.” It doesn’t sound like you have high expectations for people that have graduated from graduate school, moved to another state, has a full time job, and pays their bills on time.

14. “You just spit everywhere.” Making it rain.

15. “You just drooled.” Making it downpour.

16. “When you dress up it’s like ‘Wow,’ but when you don’t, you look really bad.” I’ll keep that in mind.

17. “What’s wrong with your hair? Why does it look like that?” It’s greasy because I haven’t washed it. Now everyone is caught up. 

18. “You’re so brave moving to LA with no boyfriend, no kids, no pets, & you didn’t know anyone out there, huh? ” Thanks for pointing out that I am alone.

19. “You’re not wearing any makeup, right?” How could you tell?

20. “I found a lot of grammar mistakes in your story. You need to study a grammar manual.” Here’s my blog–a brand new playground for you, Grammar Nazi.

21. “Your arms are really hairy, like gorilla hair.” Now, you’re just picking on me.

22. “I always thought you’d be a writer.” Thanks for pointing that out now, after I just wasted 3 years getting a degree in history…

23. “Your forehead is really big.” Your mouth is really big and it won’t shut up.

24. You just tripped in front of everyone.” Thanks for narrating my movements for everyone.

25. “Are you an exotic dancer? You could be; do you want to be?” So I’m a good dancer…?

26. “You just don’t look like you’d be good at any sports.” You just don’t look like you’d be good at explaining yourself.

27. “I just thought you’d be from somewhere exotic.” I think the same thing of every brown person I meet.

28. “You kind of sound like Sandy from SpongeBob.” Thanks for pointing out my Texas accent.

29. “I’m only interested in girls with good credit because mine sucks. ” Oh, thanks for pointing that out, so I can run…far away.

30. “This bar is 21 and up,” she says while she is holding my drivers license that says I’m over 21.


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  • Alex Temblador

    Thank you so much Tiana!

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