I’m returning to Los Angeles in less than a week.


It’s been 8 months since I’ve been in Los Angeles. Things have changed in my life since LA and I’ve had enough time to look back on my time there in a new light.

When I left Los Angeles, I was ready to leave. I was drowning in the competitiveness and pettiness that sometimes comes from the Hollywood atmosphere and the people of my generation in LA. (I was also always sick all the time thanks to the smog and desert which put a bit of a damper on living lmao)

So lo and behold my surprise when I realized recently that I miss LA, like A LOT. Well, sort of…

What I miss are my best friends, my LA family.

I went to Los Angeles and knew only one person…and she didn’t actually live in Los Angeles (though she was wonderful and hung out with me when I first got there!). Granted, I had family who lived there but I had never met them my entire life.

I was living states away from my family in Texas in Los Angeles all alone. ALONE. Besides going out of the country a few times, I had never been that cut off from my life in Texas. Living in Louisiana and Oklahoma was much easier because I was easily able to go home and visit.

When I began my job, I didn’t know what to expect from my coworkers…but I soon discovered that they would take care of me in more ways than one during my time in LA. I became very close with many of them and miss working in the same building with them.

But I still needed friends outside of work…So I joined Meetup and 2 months after I had moved to LA, I had friends. Though it happened by chance, I think each of my friends were put into each other’s lives by the world because we needed each other.

We bonded over over many aspects: we are very much alike in certain ways (and different in others), have the same standards, love to travel, and we were young and looking to live it up in LA! It also helped that they were alone and I was alone which is how they quickly became my family. Sunday brunch, wine nights at the wine bar, Ikea runs, bar hopping, shopping, walks around different neighborhoods, weekend trips out of town. They were there for me, I was there for them.


Since leaving LA, I miss what I had with my friends there. I miss that I can’t drive 15 minutes and see them. I miss talking about life at brunch or sitting on the floor at an apartment with them.

Because we lived in Los Angeles away from our family, we developed a friendship such I had never had before (which is not meant to lessen the friendship I have with other friends in other places lol). We were all that each other had and that made us a family and not because we were born into one, but because we chose to be one.

And even with all the stuff that I didn’t like in LA, I had a great time there. I had this family of friends and I had the best coworkers.

I miss the people who made an impact in my life in LA. My coworkers, my friends, the new Temblador family I met. They were the BEST part of LA and that’s why I’m excited to return.

I’m returning to my LA family. And it’s going to be epic.

February 4th can’t come soon enough.


2 thoughts to “My Return to Los Angeles

  • Robin

    I’ve never been to LA, but California in general was a peach to me. I also can’t wait to get back someday. Congrats on the move, and safe travels!

    • Alex Temblador

      California is beautiful 😀 hope you can get to LA one day and thanks!


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