As some of you know, I travel on my birthday every year (at least for the last three years). It is an Alex Temblador tradition, the grand finale of Birthday Month in March.

I have decided where I will be traveling to for my birthday in 2016 and if you read the title of this blog, you already know the destination: España!

Yes, Spain!

Why Spain?
It has always been on my list of places to see. It’s the birthplace of one half of who I am. As half Hispanic, my family originated in Spain so it will be interesting to visit the land of my forefather’s forefathers.

Maybe I should take a DNA test and find my distant cousins before I go…?

Additionally, it will give me a chance to practice my Spanish. Even though it’s a different (okay, “proper”) type of dialect, it will still be fun to immerse myself in the language.

Am I going alone?
As of now, yes, but I have a friend who is looking into going with me. It’s a win-win either way.

The “dets?”

The dets or the details are this: I’ll be gone for 10 days. I plan on traveling to Madrid and Barcelona. I might even add Seville into the mix. Because why not?
I plan to travel by train and not by car this trip as the country is a bit larger, and I heard the traffic is crazier in Spain.

So far, I only have my plane ticket which has cost me about $35 I believe. How? You ask. I’ll explain in the next month or so. I would like to break down my travel costs for this trip in a future blog. I think its more helpful that way. My last birthday trip to Ireland I spent about $1,000 in travel costs (plane, Airbnbs, car rentals) and about $500 in food, museum fees, gas, etc. during the 10 days I was there. My goal for this Spain trip is $1,000 in travel and spending money. Lets see if I can do it? Right now, I am estimating that I can. AND if I do have a travel buddy…i think it could be even less with some fangling and splitting the costs of certain fees. Fingers crossed!

As for the idea of taking this trip…
Excited is not the right word for what I feel.

Last year, I went to Ireland and though I was excited for that trip, I was overcome by other feelings. I was partly scared. It was to be my first solo trip and I didn’t know what to expect. Mostly, I think I was intrigued and nervous. I had always been drawn to the fantasy of the Eire and the ancient pull of the island vibrated in my bones as I planned my trip.

For Spain, it’s different. I am filled with life. With Ireland, I associate it with a beautiful past, but with Spain, its all about the present. Perhaps this isn’t the case and I am just romanticizing this country, but I have this feeling that Spain will be about vibrancy and fulfillment. It will be about laughing so hard and spinning in circles and accessing a different part of your soul.

This must all seem crazy to you, or perhaps I am a good enough writer that you get a glimpse for what I feel for my upcoming trip to Spain.

If you don’t feel it yet, I’m sure you will have the chance to during my 10 day journey through the land of Spain, for like Ireland, I plan to share Spain with you too.

Featured Photo: Rick Ligthelm

2 thoughts to “My Next Big Trip: Spain!

  • Kim

    I traveled to Barcelona when I was living in Italy in college. It’s a very fun town. I tried some tapas that included octopus. (All I had money for) and stayed in a hostel in Barcelona next to a flamenco dancing club. I sat on the beach and collected shells. Absolutely love the cathedral and Parc Guell.

    • Alex Temblador

      Octupus, flamenco, and beaches sound perfect, Kim! I hope my adventures in Barcelona are just as wonderful as yours were!


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