This week, I was Googling myself, and I stumbled across something pretty amazing. My upcoming novel, Secrets of The Casa Rosada, is already on Google Books! (If you want to learn more about the book, read this blog).

Secrets of the Casa Rosada by Alex Temblador is on Google Books

While my novel won’t be released in bookstores and online until October 31, 2018, I was all too elated to see that it has now appeared on the wonderful wide web.

Then I learned something even more amazing…

I shared the link to Google books on Facebook, and suddenly, I had people telling me that they were pre-ordering my book online! WAIT–WHAT?!

Suffice to say, this was pretty exciting news for me. I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have pre-ordered my novel. Thank you to all who have already pre-ordered the book. I’m sorry you will have to wait until Halloween to receive your book, but I can’t tell you happy this has made me.

If you are interested in pre-ordering Secrets of the Casa Rosada, there’s a few places you can do that!

At Amazon…

Secrets of the Casa Rosada can be preorderd on

Through Books-A-Million…

Preorder Secrets of the Casa Rosada through Books a Million

And even Barnes & Nobles!

Barnes and Nobles is selling Secrets of the Casa Rosada

As you’ll see, the cover art has not yet been determined, but I hope to share that with you in the next few months.

I am so humbled by the excitement that people have had about my book and I impatiently wait for Halloween to arrive so you can all experience a story that I fell in love with telling. Thank you again!

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