It’s official—I have my own place again! Let the cheers commence!

Yes, it is true. I have moved into my very own apartment in Dallas, Texas. This was only my seventh move in seven years, but who’s counting?

Even though I haven’t lived in this apartment very long (one week), it is a very special apartment to me. To me this apartment represents a new point in my life. Even though I’m an “adult” and I’ve been an adult for years, I’ve never quite felt like I was an adult in all aspects of my life. Since college, I’ve been living on a strict budget and have made sacrifices when it came to where I lived. I’ve had to have roommates, buy second-hand mix-matched furniture and décor, had to live in less than safe neighborhoods, neighborhoods that I didn’t want to live in (family-focused communities—I’m single, so not for me), in apartments that weren’t very nice, had roaches, or problems, and much more.

But that’s changed. Or at least this apartment makes me feel like it’s changed. I now live in Downtown Dallas in a beautiful building. I now live in an apartment that is 791 square feet and all mine. My apartment has a large kitchen, a washer and a dryer, a large bath tub/shower, and a huge walk-in closet. My apartment complex has an underground garage, a gym, and a pool.

What makes this even better…it’s somewhat expensive. That sounds weird. I know. Who wants an expensive apartment? Me. Why? Because it is making me work hard, harder than I have ever worked before to be successful in my freelancing career. And with me working hard and seeing that I can afford this amazing place that I live in…well, it makes me appreciate it more.

Let me be clear that I have this big apartment, but there’s really nothing in it. I have one chair and a bed. That is pretty much my entire furniture set. I don’t even have dish towels yet. But that’s okay, because I’m waiting to buy everything. Why? I have this vision in mind of how I want to decorate my apartment and it’s going to take some time (which I hate because I’m so impatient) but I know that the time it takes to do that will make me appreciate my stuff. (I’ll share pictures when it’s complete!)

Isn’t this a part of what being an adult is? Enjoying where you live, liking your home space, being proud of what you have worked hard for, and sharing that with others in positive ways? I think so. But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, this feels like a new chapter in my adulthood.

On another note, I had an absolute blast my first weekend in this apartment, mostly because I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Van. I hadn’t seen Van in almost three years and even though we chat on the phone a lot, it was so refreshing to see her in person. Check out Van’s blog here!

Downtown Dallas y'all
Downtown Dallas y’all

Furthermore, I got to explore Dallas. Even though I grew up only two hours north of Dallas, I never truly got a sense of what the city has to offer. Who knew there was so much culture here? Who knew there were so many cool things to check out, amazing food (beyond BBQ, steaks, and Tex-Mex), and so many fun people to meet?


That was one of the best things I noticed about Dallas: the people. Everyone we met was super helpful on sending us in the right direction of places to eat at or bars to check out. They gave some amazing insider tips. We walked with others through Uptown, who guided us in the right direction. We chatted with different groups of people, danced with strangers in fun ways, and even had educational discussions in bars. The people that I met this last weekend are the type of people who would voluntarily carry a woman on their back after a long night of partying, all the way to her car while yelling at strangers, “You don’t really love her if you don’t carry her!”

Van left on Monday and I’ve been enjoying my apartment solo this week. It’s sort of hard working in an apartment with no desk or table or chairs, but I’m making do. I’m working out, going to coffee shops to work, and getting a few more jobs. Life is going fantastically well! So without further ado, here’s just a sneak peak of what we did this weekend. See you round Dallas, y’all!

Galleria Mall with Van
Galleria Mall with Van
Ate at the Truck Yard
Ate at the Truck Yard
Hit up the Farmer's market
Hit up the Farmer’s market
Partied all weekend in Uptown
Partied all weekend in Uptown
At Vietnamese fusion from a Taco Truck in Klyde Warren Park

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