During Memorial Day Weekend, I packed up all that I owned in my little car and drove from Los Angeles, California, to Wichita Falls, Texas. It took two long days of driving on I-40E to arrive to my destination but it was worth it because I got to see parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas that I hadn’t see before. So for those curious about my road trip or are interested in driving across the United States, whether it is the Southwest or not, here are some interesting facts about my road trip from LA to Texas on I-40E that you might like to know:

  • Paola, one of my great friends, randomly offered to drive with me from California to Texas. How cool is she?!


  • The day before I left for Texas, I slept on a half-aired air mattress and got less than 5 hours of sleep because my crazy next door neighbor’s stupid dog wouldn’t stop barking all night. Ugh!
  • We began our drive to Wichita Falls, Texas, at 4:30 am from Glendale.
  • The drive took 19 hours long. Ouch.
  • I drove eight hours straight on my first bit of driving.
  • It was super hard to drive up and down the mountains and hills of Arizona because my car was so weighed down. We could only drive about 45 mph up an incline and had to slow down to 60 mph to coast down hills.


  • We saw the sun rise in California… It’ll be a while until that happens again. #beautiful


  • We stopped at the Arizona border but couldn’t take really good pictures of the Colorado River or the “Entering Arizona sign” because the highway was so not conveniently set up for that! We parked on “private property” and took pictures of the Colorado River from far away.


  • We found a lava field!


  • For lunch we stopped for Sonic. This was Paola’s first time having Sonic. She loved it!


  • Paola was obsessed with Route 66, even though we didn’t drive on Route 66. She liked that it was “historic.” Haha.


  • We stopped at Meteor Crater in Arizona. It was beyond huge!

DSCN2501 DSCN2503

  • Paola thinks Superman landed here.


  • I fell asleep for 30 minutes when Paola drove and woke up feeling great. The only time I fell asleep during the entire drive.
  • We stopped every 2 hours to pee and fill up my gas tank when it got down to half a tank.
  • Every time we filled up my gas tank, we found a gas station less than a mile away that was 10 cents less. Argh!
  • Gas went from about $4.70 per gallon in Los Angeles to $2.25 in Wichita Falls.
  • It took forever to arrive to New Mexico…which called for a lot of singing.
  • We stopped for Dairy Queen dipped ice cream cones! Nom, nom, nom!
  • I was kind of obsessed with trying to take pictures of trains while Paola drove and I sat in the passenger seat.


  • We arrived in New Mexico only to see a huge storm rolling in.


  • We didn’t get to make it to the stone snake statue or the Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque due to the storm. Biggest disappointment of the trip.
  • Instead we had an awesome dinner: Taco Cabana. It was too “spicy” for Paola. LOL.


  • Rather than get a hotel for the night, we couch surfed! Couchsurfing is like AirBnB where you stay in rooms or “couches” of someone’s house, except with couchsurfing, it’s free! We had such a great experience: our own queen sized bed, sweet host who gave us apples and water and offered us breakfast, and our own private bathroom with toiletries.
  • For most of our drive through New Mexico we found that there were only 2-5 radio stations to choose from. Usually a Christian station, a country station, and… other nonsense stations. Where’s the Rock N Roll NM?
  • We drove to Santa Rosa’s Blue Hole, an 81 foot deep blue water hole in the middle of New Mexico. A lot of people scuba dive here but we jumped in and froze our butts off! Ah!




  • We had a photo shoot at the Texas state line, complete with cowboy hats.



  • Our next stop was Cadillac Ranch. Even though parts of it was flooded this was my favorite part of the trip!





  • I tagged my sister’s name on one of the Cadillacs. #Tiffany



  • We went to Big Texan and Paola was mesmerized by all of the Texas decorations.




  • The drive between Amarillo and Wichita Falls included… basically nothing.
  • We saw a cop or sheriff car an average of every 5 minutes on the drive from Amarillo to Wichita Falls. #copsgotmelikeslowdown
  • Even though there was a huge thunderstorm that went through Wichita Falls the day we arrived, we must have driven right behind it because we didn’t even see one dark cloud. Thank goodness!
  • I drove back into my hometown in the late afternoon, pointing out different neighborhoods and landmarks. I pulled up to my house, parked my car and I smiled because I was home and even though the road trip had ended, my journey was only just beginning.



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  • Heidy

    Looks like fun! Great post and thank you for sharing.


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