WiFi Is Weak In Castles & Strong at the Cliffs (Countryside, Day 2)

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This morning I woke, well-rested for the first time since I arrived. After running down the street to connect to WiFi (the B&B WiFi was still down), I returned to a full Irish breakfast. Patrick, the B&B owner, did an amazing job with the breakfast spread. All in all, my stay there was great. He was very accomodating, answered all my questions, and shared his stories about visiting Florida. He was surprised by how large American roads are as much as I was surprised by how small the Irish roads are. 

After breakfast, I headed up the hill to the Rock of Cashel to be blown away by it’s beauty.  I wandered inside first. For something so old I was amazed by how well it was preserved, despite the restoration that was being done. I kept touching the stones in hope that I would be given a vision through time of the people that walked the halls. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. However, I was still mesmerized by the carvings in the stone and the masonry and well th architecture as a whole. This was all done from stone! 






I then headed outside to walk around the perimeter of the Rock of Cashel.  It was almost as beautiful outside as it was inside. My favorite part was going behind a small building and finding some broken stones covered in Celtic designs and green moss. I like to think that most people miss these stones and I’m special because I found them…just let me think it okay.







After dragging myself from the Rock of Cashel, I headed to the Cliffs of Moher. Although the second day of driving was much easier, I had to drive on a lot of small roads to get to the cliffs. Not cool, at all. I had about ten mini-heart attacks…no joke. 

The Rain Gods have been great to me this trip and even more so because today was a clear and warm, sunny day, not always common in Ireland which made my trip to the Cliffs of Moher as fantastic as it could have been.  I walked from one end to the other snapping as many pics as possible and tried not to scare myself away from taking cool pictures on the edges of the cliffs, the section of the cliffs that didn’t include a fence. 

How can you not fall in love with life when you look upon God’s handiwork? 



 A funny thing about the Cliffs of Moher…it has WiFi! Like such a strong signal that I was able to Skype my parents real quick. Not sure how they got such a strong signal out in the open but I won’t question it! 

Many of you know that I have a sister, Tiffany, that is mentally disabled. Unlike my parents or my brother who have traveled or have the ability to travel, Tiff will not be able to see the world as I do or my family does so I like to do something special for her. I like to write her name in the sand or mud or carve her name in stone at many of the places that I visit. It let’s the world know that she exists even if she can’t be there to witness such grandeur and I hope there’s some magic to it and she can see what I see on my travels in my dreams at night…


After leaving the Cliffs of Moher, I decided to head to the castle I was staying at that evening. I fear the twisting roads of Ireland and I didn’t relish driving on them at night, especially if I got lost along the way. And guess what? The roads to the castle were even smaller! How can that be? And you can’t just drive off the road and let someone drive by…no, because there’s rock walls on either side… However, I must admit that I saw fewer people along these routes and I had some amazing views. I found a hidden castle. I got lost on the wrong road and had to turn around and I saw this cool white cow next to some ruins. I witnessed the Burren in all of it’s rocky glory, and I attempted to not get in a wreck as I tried looking at everything along the drive.





I finally found the castle after a few wrong turns. There it was behind the trees! I had finally came to my castle! (I like to think it was mine…) Eva, Peter’s girlfriend (Peter owns the castle), came outside. She’s from France and is the sweetest woman! Peter was still at work so Eva showed me upstairs to my room  and then showed me around the castle and pointed out everything I would need. 



After showing me how to make a fire (I’ve only seen it done once), we talked for a bit and she shared an amazing walking travel experience she had in Spain that she suggested I do. I’m totally going to look it up and check it out! We also bonded over our excitement to read novels in other languages and being able to understand the story lines, her with English and me with Spanish. 

From there, she went back to the small house next door and I went about exploring. I started with the catle and moved on to the outside. They have a great field that is circled by a small river and filled with trees and daffodills that line the circle of trees. 

I got lost among the trees looking for fairies and feeling myself drift away from the world so that it was only me and the trees, the green, the wild… I won’t go tinto detail of every tree or moss I saw that day. But I will say that I found joy and happiness in being truly alone in nature and I look forward to going on adventures that allow me that luxury again. It just felt good to be there in that moment, alone and forgotten amongst nature. 





I returned to the castle and made myself another cup of tea. Peter arrived after a bit and began to talk to me about the castle and his passions in life. I don’t want to describe my experience in the castle too much because I plan to write a full blog over just my experience there!

Today has been the best day in Ireland so far. I loved the sights I saw and I felt good about myself and what I was doing and where I was going. That’s why I came to Ireland, right? 

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