I’ve had resolutions the past few years and just like everyone else, I fall off the resolution bandwagon by March and I don’t really put a lot of effort into my “workout more” or “be more spontaneous” resolution campaign. This year is different, seriously!

December 2014 came along and I realized a few things about myself and the lifestyle I was leading and so I came up with a plan. When I make a plan, I implement it to the full extent. I came up with not one, but four resolutions for the year 2015.

1. Organize my life. 

I used to stay organized with a planner but over the years my planner became yellow sticky notes placed around the house and crumpled up in the bottom of my purse. It wasn’t very effective. There are so many things that I want to do so why not do them?

My absolute pet peeve is when someone says: “I have no time. I’m too busy.” BS I tell you! There is more than enough time in the world. It’s about priorities and perspective and organizing the hours in the day.

To begin organizing my life, I created a calendar on my closet mirror.


Seeing a list of things to do on a large area like this not only keeps me focused but it pressures me to complete everything. It’s a genius idea if I have to say so myself. I have to look in this mirror everyday. I wouldn’t want to try on a pair of pants after ignoring my weekly to-do list. Can you say…why is this mirror making me look fat?

Next, I bought a large year-long calendar. A year-long calendar allows me to plan appointments, contest deadlines, article submissions, or a tire rotation for the coming months.


2. Be more financially aware.

I love traveling and it has always been my dream to go to Ireland. I’m obsessed with fairies, the color green, and men with roguish accents! I started planning for my trip last year, however, I was not as financially prepared as I would have liked to have been. Not to mention, I started to notice that I was living paycheck to paycheck. Yes, I live in Los Angeles and my bills are high and the cost of living is ridiculous but that didn’t mean I couldn’t save more money than I had been. Right?

I set out to discover if this was true. First, I created a budget. Thanks to a cool little app by Google called “Sheets” I created a monthly budget. After listing my immediate bills, I noticed that I had a lot of leftover money. Why not contribute to my 401K again? Why not put away $300 a month toward savings (which would go toward my travel addiction)? Why was I spending so much in food and gas and nonsense items at restaurants?



After creating the monthly budget, I budgeted my money for the next two months and also created a two week grocery list with a budget of $75. By listing the exact products I needed, it would diminish my impulse to buy unneeded items at the grocery store.


I put a lot of effort into this budget and I am determined to stick to it. Pinterest was an awesome tool in getting me financially focused. Check out my Lifestyle Board for pins that I found so that you can become more financially aware and live the budget lifestyle too! (It also has organization pins as well).

3. Figure out my life!

Yes, yes, you already know that I’m constantly searching for something in my life. I become very frustrated when I think about how I haven’t “figured it out” yet, whatever “it” means. What do I want to do with my life? What will be my life-long passion? I want to create a lifestyle for myself–but what will that lifestyle be?

Enter these burlap boards (that I just bought today, hence the wrapping still on them).


As an artist, I tend to peruse the Hobby Lobby canvas section and I found these burlap canvases. Cool, right? Not only do they match the decor of my room but they are also the perfect thing I need to help me figure out my life.

I’m a visual person, so the idea with these burlap canvases is that I will decorate them with words, pictures, ideas, and thoughts. I will put my likes and my interests on these canvases and each day I will have to look at them. I hope that within this year I will have created something on these canvases that will connect everything in my mind and voila–I will have figured IT out. My future. My life. My ultimate goal.

It’s worth a shot. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

4. Set goals and complete them.

My fourth and final resolution will probably be the most enjoyable one. About two years ago I created a bucket list for my birthday. I had to do 10 things by the end of the month (my birthday happens to be March 31st) and I somewhat succeeded by completing 9 out of the 10 things. So that got me thinking, why not create a bucket list for the year?

Not only does creating a list of goals for the year allow me to focus my energies toward doing things that I’ve always wanted to do, but it will be fun and will get me involved in different aspects of life.

For instance, one of my goals is to sell all of the art that I have created, including this beautiful autographed Kevin Durant painting that I am selling on my art website.


Not only will this help me clean out my apartment, but it will also give me a little bit of extra cash and will motivate me to learn how to sell online with social media.

Another goal is to teach myself more about the intricacies of social media. I have a intermediate knowledge of social media but I want to be an expert. How does it all work? How do people get 2.5 million followers? Can I rule SEO and be the queen of Google Adwords and a Facebook marketing aficionado? So far my research has included pinning sites and information to my Career Board on Pinterest and reading books from the library and soon I will begin implementing these strategies to my own social media and personal websites. (I might also publish a book about social media one day. The books I’ve read have lacked in so many areas and I know I can create something better).

Other goals for 2015 include: Learning martial arts (I want to kick ass, literally); find an agent for my novel, go to an acting class, go to an audition, find a job I love, volunteer, focus on living a more healthy lifestyle (cutting down on the wine, more vitamins, working out consistently, meditate, and eating better), establish myself as a photographer, and get paid as a freelance writer. How can I not enjoy 2015 with these awesome goals?

I’m twenty four years old and there is so much that I want to accomplish and experience. I am most confident that these four 2015 New Year’s resolutions will give me all that I want. And at the very least they will allow me to become more aware of my lifestyle and hand me the reins to my future.

2014 was great…but 2015 is going to be epic!



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