Decorating my apartment has been a challenge, mostly in terms of finances.

I have money, I just don’t want to spend it. Haha. I know what a tough problem to have.

The thing is, I literally had nothing before I moved to Dallas. Everything, or mostly everything, was sold when I left Los Angeles. So I had to start all over for the third time on buying everything for my new home.

However, this time I didn’t want to have a hodge podge of items as I was comfortable having before. I want my place to look amazing.

But that’s hard. I still want to save money when decorating which makes it hard for me to just go out and buy things. But it’s slowly coming together.

My kitchen is mostly done. I finally bought dish rags a few weeks ago. Sad, since I moved in like 3 months ago…

My bathroom is decent enough for now. Mostly, I wanted to get my living room and bedroom looking decent.

I am proud of myself for what it looks like so far. It’s pretty snazzy but not without effort. I’ll just go by room and explain how I saved money on different items so far. Of course, my place is nowhere close to being finish. It’s seriously lacking in decorations! And a desk–gosh, I want a desk! But an update is always nice for others who are in the marketplace for decorating.


Bed- Target $130

It’s a cute bed frame. Nothing fancy of course. It was pretty cheap to begin with because it didn’t have a headboard and its low to the ground. I like low beds but that’s me. As for the headboard, I still don’t have one yet. I want to make my own as I don’t like traditional ones. Oh and I was able to get 15% off and free shipping. Winning.


Bedding- $60

I got lucky here. I can’t divulge where I bought this at because I had a hookup via an amiga. Lets just say that its a pretty expensive place to buy home stuff. Anyways, I got it for $60 thanks to a sale they were having plus an employee discount. Always appreciate your peoples. 🙂

Mirror- $30 Ikea

On sale at Ikea for $30. I’m not sure why. I think its because there was a rip in the wrapping. Either way, score for me!


Dressers: $60 and $30 Ikea

These are Ikea too. Ikea is cheap and their furniture is too but sometimes they have a wonderful, sleek items such as these that can really make your room look snazzy. I pushed two together. I kind of like the geometric look of it.

Living room:

Couch- Wayfair, less than $500

This couch was about $480. Its not fancy but exactly what I wanted in terms of color. I also got a 15% discount off of it for signing up for Wayfair’s email which made it so cheap. This included delivery to my living room. I only had to unwrap it and put the legs on. Simple, cheap. My living room isn’t big enough for a love seat so this is it. Ignore the pillows, I need new covers for them!


Chair- Antique store $45

Chairs like this run for like $250 so I am glad I found this deal! I was at an antique shop with a friend. I sat down while she was looking around and said, “There’s nothing here.” That’s when I realized the chair I sat on was cute, like super cute and it was 20% off. Score!


Coffee table – $100 Salvation Army

Usually I wouldn’t spend so much money at a thrift store but this was a catch. It was in great condition, it’s huge, real wood, and has a lot of storage. Best yet, I googled how much a basic wooden coffee table with no storage was– $150. Something like this brand new would run up to $500 if not more. I just need to sand the bottom and stain it again. 🙂


Entertainment Center- $60

I’m super proud of my entertainment center because I basically made it. I’d seen some floating entertainment centers on Pinterest and I had been wanting to do one for my apartment because it would allow me more space in my small living room. Anyways, I found three birch and wooden boxes at the Humane Society for $3 each that were perfect! I had my dad cut out some squares in the back for my entertainment cords. I sanded them myself with my dad’s sander. I then bought some gray paint and stain, and painted and stained the boxes. That ran about $20. I also bought three French cleats which were $10 each. I hung them myself. Isn’t this cute?


Plants- Free/$5-$20

Plants can be super cheap, almost free, and they are wonderful home accents. Ask your mom or a friend who has plants to cut you off a piece from their tree or ivy and plant it for you in a cheap pot you buy from Walmart ($5-$10) with some soil. Then watch it grow. That’s how I got my ivy. Eventually, I will transport my 6 foot tree to my home that my Aunt Di helped me to plant. 🙂


Windows- Free

Some years ago, my parents redid their windows and we saved them for me! I plan on hanging them in my hallway. I’m also going to print out some black and white photos and put them in the panes. Unfortunately windows are pretty expensive if bought at thrift stores. Some range from $30-$100 per pane. Find a friend who is redoing theirs or people who flip houses. Maybe they’ll give them to you for free if you smile and bring burgers. 😀 hehe.

My other suggestions to decorate your home for cheap: thrift stores, garage sales, coupons, promo codes, and…house warming parties!!


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