My Return to Los Angeles

I’m returning to Los Angeles in less than a week. Wow. It’s been 8 months since I’ve been in Los Angeles. Things have changed in my life since LA and I’ve had enough time to look back on my time there in a new light. When I left Los Angeles, I was ready to leave. I […]

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How To Make Friends When You Move to New Cities

It’s pretty easy to make friends…when you’re eight. When you become an adult, it gets a little bit more difficult. Growing up, I had no problems making friends. I was involved in like fifty million sports teams (haha), there were a ton of kids that lived around me (my cousins included), and I was just […]

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A Third Friend Twice Removed: Families of Friends.

Home is about family, more so than I had thought. It’s been a week so far and I’ve been all over my small city of 100,000 people, eating like a bear preparing for hibernation (stocking up on delicious southern food before I return to LA for 6 more months). Eating wasn’t my only priority. Seeing […]

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