My Book is Available for Pre-Order!

This week, I was Googling myself, and I stumbled across something pretty amazing. My upcoming novel, Secrets of The Casa Rosada, is already on Google Books! (If you want to learn more about the book, read this blog). While my novel won’t be released in bookstores and online until October 31, 2018, I was all […]

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#BeTheChange Birthday Month
This birthday month, I'm going to do some good!

It’s March 1, and you know what that means — birthday month has begun! I started birthday month at 5 a.m. this morning when I took my parents to the airport. Along the way, I witnessed a gorgeous full moon that shone brightly down on me, preparing me for the next 31 days until March […]

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Wait — What’s a Travel Writer?
I answer that age-old question: What exactly is a travel writer?

When I meet someone new, there generally comes a time when we have a conversation around, “What kind of work do you do?” It usually goes down like this: Them: What’s your job? Me: I’m a travel writer and a novelist. Them: Cool. [Pauses] Wait-what? Me: I’m a travel writer and a novelist. Them: What’s […]

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My Dream is Coming True: My Novel is Getting Published
Alex Temblador announces her first novel is to be published with Arte Publico Press.

I’ve always loved books. Like many writers, I became addicted to reading as a child. I dove into the lives of fictional characters and worlds like it was the oxygen I needed to breathe. New books didn’t leave my hands. I read before breakfast, after dinner, and walked between classes with my nose in the […]

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Creating Travel Intentions for 2018
A new way to set travel intentions for the new year.

I love when New Year’s comes around. It’s an opportunity to make a change and set some new intentions, and that, to me, is exciting. As I often do, I like to clean out my house and closets, pay off all my bills and credit cards, and then set to work on creating my New […]

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My Tips for Writing a Novel (& Not Going Crazy)
Novelist Alex Temblador provides tips for writing a novel and getting the first draft out.

Writing a novel is no small task. I know this because I’ve completed two full books, have three or four that were never completed, and am working on one — oh, make that two as of this morning — currently. Yeah, it’s no easy feat. But I continue writing novels as the voices of my […]

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