Wait — What’s a Travel Writer?
I answer that age-old question: What exactly is a travel writer?

When I meet someone new, there generally comes a time when we have a conversation around, “What kind of work do you do?” It usually goes down like this: Them: What’s your job? Me: I’m a travel writer and a novelist. Them: Cool. [Pauses] Wait-what? Me: I’m a travel writer and a novelist. Them: What’s […]

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My Dream is Coming True: My Novel is Getting Published
Alex Temblador announces her first novel is to be published with Arte Publico Press.

I’ve always loved books. Like many writers, I became addicted to reading as a child. I dove into the lives of fictional characters and worlds like it was the oxygen I needed to breathe. New books didn’t leave my hands. I read before breakfast, after dinner, and walked between classes with my nose in the […]

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Creating Travel Intentions for 2018
A new way to set travel intentions for the new year.

I love when New Year’s comes around. It’s an opportunity to make a change and set some new intentions, and that, to me, is exciting. As I often do, I like to clean out my house and closets, pay off all my bills and credit cards, and then set to work on creating my New […]

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My Tips for Writing a Novel (& Not Going Crazy)
Novelist Alex Temblador provides tips for writing a novel and getting the first draft out.

Writing a novel is no small task. I know this because I’ve completed two full books, have three or four that were never completed, and am working on one — oh, make that two as of this morning — currently. Yeah, it’s no easy feat. But I continue writing novels as the voices of my […]

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My Four Favorite Things About Barcelo Maya Grand Resort
Barcelo Maya Grand Resort is an all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya of Playa del Carmen.

I just returned from a trip to Barcelo Maya Grand Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. If you read my last blog about my trip to Cancun, you know I’m a little bit wary about resort travel. Though I was fond of my resort trip to Cancun, I was still nervous about visiting Barcelo Maya […]

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