Today I turned a Quarter Century. Wow. I’m 25. That is amazing! How did I get here and where did I come from? 

Even though I’m almost a day ahead of home I’ve already gotten some birthday love! Last night, 1 am my time, my parents, sister, and grandpa sang me happy birthday with The Beatles’ Birthday Song by skype. That was amazing. Love them so much and I’m glad they did that for me. 

I woke up this morning already with birthday love by facebook and snapchat. How amazing technology is these days and how wonderful it is that I’ve surrounded myself with such sweet and beautiful people with great souls and kindness. Not only that, but my AirBnB hosts got me a birthday card and chocolate! How sweet!!! My birthday breakfast was delish, especially the bacon! And it was only 5 euro! Score! It’s sunny outside, not as cold as yesterday, and I had the sweetest old taxi guy driver this morning. 

So yes, it isn’t hard to say that I’m a lucky gal and even though it’s my first birthday away from home it’s going well this morning. Today I plan on walking around Dublin, perhaps shop, relax, have some good meals, and this evening I’m joining a friend for dinner and pints! Not a bad way to spend my last day in Ireland.

I’m thinking back to this last year, my 24th year on this earth. I’ve done so many things. Look: 

  • Graduated from graduate school with my MFA in Creative Writing.
  • Got my first big girl job.
  • Moved to Los Angeles.
  • Made a lot of new friends.
  • Became an official paid freelance writer.
  • Got published on The HuffingtonPost…3 times!
  • Went to my first fashion show…Marco Marco no doubt! 
  • Have seen so many celebrities and even interviewed them at red carpet events. 
  • Got a promotion at work. 
  • Got another book review published and a personal essay published. 
  • My bank account has been the highest it has ever been!
  • Went to Big Bear Mountains.
  • Met a lot of family that I’ve never met. 
  • Went to my first audition. 
  • Became an orange belt in karate. 
  • Started a blog!
  • Took up photography. 
  • Figured out what I want to do for my future. 
  • Came to Ireland for my first solo trip!

I must be missing something and if I am…Wow! I’ve still done so much! I’m so proud of myself because I finally feel like I’m living and I’m learning so much about myself and what I want in my life. 

I guess what I’ve learned this past year is that family is so much of an important aspect of my life and that I love Wichita Falls and the people who are there more than I ever realized. I learned that I want to be a writer and a traveler and that I can make a living doing both and that sometimes it takes moving far away to figure that out. 

I discovered that I’m stronger than I think and braver than I thought so too. I moved to half a country a way and I was just fine. Not only that but I’m traveling alone and I’m putting myself in situations to have great experiences even if those situations are awkward or scary at first. When did this brave girl happpen?  I used to be such a scaredy cat. 

I’ve learned patience…well, I’ve been learning that for the last few years. Things come when you think positively and they come when you are ready for them.

I’ve discovered how to accept things in life and accept the choices of those that I love as good choices for them and the choices I make as good for me. You never realize how hard that is. 

I’ve learned. Yes, that’s it. I’ve just learned that I love learning and that I will always need to learn to live in this world. And that dreaming is a part of me and that I’m magical and I can make my life how I wish it to be. 

And love…I’ve come to love myself more and love those around me more than I ever have in 25 years.

I can feel it, friends, this is the year for me. 25 will be epic and beautiful and amazing and breathtaking and I know this because I love the world, I love myself, and I feel loved and that is all I need to move forward into year 25. 

Happy Birthday to me, Alexandra Renee Temblador. 

2 thoughts to “Birthday Ponders in Dublin

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Alex , you are a beautiful 25 years , we wish you a safe and happy adventures
    Peter et Eva and boys


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