This birthday month, I'm going to do some good!

It’s March 1, and you know what that means — birthday month has begun!

I started birthday month at 5 a.m. this morning when I took my parents to the airport. Along the way, I witnessed a gorgeous full moon that shone brightly down on me, preparing me for the next 31 days until March 31, my birthday.

If you’ve followed my birthday months in the past, you know that I often have themes or activities planned for each birthday month. The first birthday month included a bucket list of 10 items to complete before my birthday. I completed 9 out of 10. Many also associate my birthday month with a birthday trip, which was inspired by my interest in exploring the world and engaging with new people, on my own.

While I do have a few trips planned this month, they aren’t really like past birthday month trips in which I planned two-week vacations across the world. Budget cuts in my life made it a little difficult this year for me to spring for a vacation, so I set up some work (press) trips — but you know my work trips are always fun, so stay tuned for those!

This year’s birthday month is going to have a theme that I have yet to have: #BeTheChange.

Some of you may be aware that March is not only my birthday month, but it’s also Women’s History Month, and with that in mind, and the current political state of affairs in my country, I have been moved to do something more and make a change in my life and hopefully a change in others. I don’t know about you, but those kids in Florida — they’re really inspiring me to keep up the good fight, and I’m going to dedicate birthday month to that.

So how am I going live up to #BeTheChange Birthday Month? Here’s a few ways how:

1. Request an easy birthday present from you

First and foremost, it’s voting season! My first order of business is to continually ask friends and family to vote, vote, vote in the Democratic Primary. We can’t continue to complain if we don’t get out and vote the people that are the problem out of office. We have to #BETHECHANGE!

So, here’s the deal — if you would like to do something kind for me for my birthday, it’s this: Vote! And then send me a picture of your “I voted” sticker and the Democratic primary stamp on your voter registration card. You will make every day of my birthday month happy with a gesture like that! (And I’ll do something nice for you in return…)

2. Volunteer

My month is super busy, but I’m going to look for an opportunity to volunteer in Dallas. Anyone have any suggestions? Send them my way!

3. Connect with my community

I’m going to look for events and opportunities to connect with different communities that I am a part of in Dallas. We are stronger together than apart, right?

4. Speak up

I am tired of seeing people say and do horrible things in person and online. So, if I see something I’m going to say something (as George W. Bush asked us to do…). If a man wants to sexually harass me on the street with words or physical action, I’m going to let him know why that’s not okay. If you use the word “retarded” around me, we are going to have a conversation why that’s not okay. If you say some racist, privileged, discriminatory stuff on Facebook (and you have chosen to be friends with me), I will let you know that’s not okay. See the pattern here?

I’m also going to share some articles and blogs this month that have a #BeTheChange element to them. Some of the articles I’ll have written, and others I’ll share from amazing other writers. I hope that one of them really resonates with you and inspires you to #bethechange in your own life.

5. Have a philanthropist angle for my birthday

I plan to have a birthday event with friends and I am going to add an philanthropist element to that event. I once threw a house warming event and had everyone bring old clothes to donate to a women’s shelter. Last year, I threw an event in March and had people donate new items to donate to a women’s shelter. Let’s see what I can come up with this year! (Again, ideas are welcome! I love donating to the local women’s shelter, but I think I can come up with a way to do something more.)

6. Do something for March for Our Lives

I am so saddened that I will be unable to attend a March for Our Lives event, a march to show Washington and our politicians that we are tired of them taking money from the NRA, and tired of them not doing anything about guns and how they are bought in this country, and tired of children and educators being killed because of their incompetency.

I will actually be on a work trip, traveling between two cities on the day of March for Our Lives. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do something that day. I don’t know what yet, but I’m going to do something to show that I stand in solidarity with the kids of Parkland and all the rest of us who understand the need for gun control. Stay tuned.

I have a million other ideas and things I want to get done during birthday month, the least of which also include reading a few books and completing some items on my big to-do list! I’m excited for #BeTheChange Birthday Month. I think this will be the best Birthday Month yet. Look out, 28, I’m coming for you!

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