Playing washers, a Texas game, in the backyard.
Playing washers, a Texas game, in the backyard.

Living in a small city might not seem great for some, but many of my Lone Star State companions will agree that there are some pretty sweet aspects of living in a small Texas city! If you don’t believe me, find a Texan to show you around one and if you don’t know a small city Texan, then check out this blog of 8 things I love about living in a small city in Texas so maybe one day you can experience it for yourself!

  1. The sayings.

Small city Texans say the funniest things. I’m not sure where they come up with these sayings or how they got started and sometimes I’m not sure what they mean, but they sure are fun to say and more funny to hear. “Stunk to high heaven.” “Lie like a dog.” “You a lie!” “Sweatin like a dog!” “Full as a tick on a yard dog.” (So many “dog” references) “Six of one. Half a dozen of the other.” (“Same thing”) Texas accents, Why do Texans talk to funny? Words that Texans use

  1. Listening to people talk.

From the accent to the hand movements and intense animation of expression, I love listening to people talk in my small Texas city. The stretching of syllables and how they always seem to be shouting even when they’re talking about gardening. Or the way they say “fixin to” and “warsh” instead of “wash” or “dontcha” and “whadya” and how every las letta jus seem t’disappear! Listening to small city Texans talk is so entertaining, sometimes laughable, and for me, it’s comforting.

  1. People watching

I love to people watch, but people watching in a small Texas city is so much more interesting than big city people watching. I love observing the style of small city Texans: women with big blonde hair teased to high heaven or a two-tone colored hair, red on top and black on the bottom. Girls with bejeweled tops and jeans, the 80-year-old man with his sharp pressed cowboy clothes, and women with tight dresses and five inch heels at a small city bar or club. And I just love to see people interact with each other in small cities in Texas. They are more relaxed, having fun, and usually smiling. Its a positive vibe that infects you.

  1. Bars are cheap and busy during the week.

I lived in Los Angeles for a year and most of my drinks were $8-$15 per drink and many times were below average mixed drinks that were no more than 8 oz. Pathetic. I can get a large margarita for $6 and if it’s a special, $3. Beers are usually $3-$4 every night of the week and mixed drinks are $5. You can actually drink without breaking the bank! And surprisingly the bars seem to be more busy during the week than on the weekends. Most people hit a bar or sports bar after work, order bar food, and have a drink or two before heading home.

  1. Local feeding holes

Although chain style restaurants are tasty in their own right, local restaurants are the best and local Texas restaurants in small Texas cities are even better! Whether they’re hole-in-the-walls or a regular-styled restaurant, they always consist of homemade food with big portions and for a cheap price. Can’t beat it. Two girls eating at a Texas bbq joint Homeade Texas Barbecue Homeade Tex Mex

  1. People wave for no reason.

People are sweeter than pie in small city Texas, well, in any part of Texas. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, walking in the grocery store or going for your morning run, someone will always wave to you with a smile and ask you how your day is going. And most of the time that person is an absolute stranger. Some might find this odd or unnerving, but to me when Texans ask how you’re doing it says that they see you, another human being, and even if you’re a stranger, they can engage you in conversation and make a small connection as one human to the other.

  1. Family support and love.

Usually if you live in a small city in Texas, more times than not, some if not all of your family is probably living in the same city or surrounding cities. And for the most part, it’s always kind of nice to have people around who can be your support, help you if your car breaks down, or be that someone to share a beer with.

  1. Outdoor weekend cookouts

Sunday Funday isn’t just a hashtag on Twitter, it’s something that just seems to happen whether someone makes plans or doesn’t make plans in small cities in Texas. One person shows up and then another and then two more usually through texting or seeing FB pictures and by six o’clock you got ten people hanging out in the backyard, a few burgers on the grill and a cold one in your hand while you watch the sun set and the stars at night, so big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

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